What Is Klonopin?

What Is Klonopin?

In order to really understand what is Klonopin, a study of its uses, effects and formulation is very important.

To answer what is Klonopin, one should begin by first understanding its formulation. It is often referred to as a chloro-nitrodiazepine since it is made from the chlorination of nitrazepam. Klonopin is the market name in the United States for a drug called clonazepam, which is used in medicine because of its sedative and depressant properties.

In the United States, it is marketed by Roche under the brand name of Klonopin, but it is known by some different names in other countries, including Rivotril in Canada and Australia. Ravotril and Clonex are some of the other names for the drug in other parts of the world. The drug Clonazepam is a member of a group of drugs referred to as benzodiazepine.

In medicine, Klonopin has a wide range of functions for which it is used. It is used to reverse the effects of amphetamine overdose and to treat panic disorders, anxiety disorders, acute mania or madness, Hyperekplexia and parasomnia. It can also be used as an antioxylitic, anticonvulsant, amnesic and in the treatment of muscle pains and tensions. This wide range of applications has over the years made it indispensable in medicine.

What Is Klonopin

Klonopin is also used medically for the first-line treatment of acute seizures due to its properties as a sedative and depressant. It is, however, never recommended for the long-term treatment of seizures.

The reason for this is that it has a very high tendency to form addictions among the patients to whom it is administered. Thus, in order to keep these patients far from the risk of Klonopin addiction, alternative medication is usually given. The high addictiveness of Klonopin also explains why people who have a history of drug abuse or drug addiction are not usually given this treatment.

Klonopin is a prescription drug. This means that it cannot be procured from a drug store without a written prescription from a fully trained medical worker. The reason for this is also partly due to the addictive nature of the drug. However, there has been increased consumption of the drug in the recent past as unscrupulous drug dealers also peddle the drug on the streets under the popular nickname of K-Pin. These drug dealers sell the drug to anyone, without any form of written prescription.

To further understand what is Klonopin, the effects of the drugs should be examined. As already mentioned above, Klonopin is a very important drug when used for medicinal purposes. However, most of the same properties that make it useful are the same ones that make it very prone to abuse. Many people like to use Klonopin for recreational purposes. Such people often abuse it together with other drugs in order to get the feeling of being ‘high.’

Klonopin abuse has numerous side effects that many of the people involved do not really consider, as they are mostly benign and rarely fatal. These side effects include drowsiness, confusion, dizziness, impaired coordination and balance, and impaired motor functions.

It is only after understanding such factors that the answer to what is Klonopin can be found.

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